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One of the most deeply rooted products in our country and especially in the Mediterranean area is the tradition of legumes cooked daily.


This type of product, due to the hours it needs to soak and cook, has formed a very popular type of trade and is almost exclusive to our area.


The consumption of legumes is popular  in our country and the possibility of acquiring them already cooked and fresh make this product a highly sought after item for sale since there is no excessive production in the rest of European countries where you can basically find the product in preserve only.

Our specialists get up early to cook the most traditional pulses to perfection to be included in the most typical dishes of our gastronomy. In our market you can find: cooked lentils, cooked white beans, cooked gantxet beans, cooked chickpeas, cooked red beans, as well as to be Italian known as macaroni, spaghetti ready to just add a sauce and be eaten.



Within the category of nuts in our stalls you can buy:






Brazil nuts

Chilean hazelnuts

Macadamia nuts



Pine nuts


Pumpkin Seeds

Sunflower seeds

In its different varieties and quality

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The multiculturalism of our city is represented in our market with a product that has been present in international cuisine in a very intense way and is the well-known sushi. Although this product is normally associated with fish or shellfish, it can also contain vegetables, eggs and any other accompaniment, the main product is rice, which is not necessarily always accompanied by raw products, but can be cooked, fried or marinated roasted preparations. The name of sushi refers mainly to the preparation of rice whose process must be strictly the traditional one and is seasoned with rice vinegar, sugar and salt. Generally, small portions designed to be eaten in a single bite are prepared and can take different forms, the most classic ones are rolled with nori seaweed and are called demaki, which means Japanese roll, When it is a rice ball covered by some type of fish we speak of nigiri, when it is stuffed rice inside a small sac of fried tofu it is called, inari, in our market you can buy this product prepared by hand and made daily.

View Stalls - Ready Meals


A tradition deeply rooted in our gastronomic culture is that of ready-made dishes that, initially being a tradition for holidays, has become a solution to provide quality homemade food every day of the week in a more economical way. , than in home cooking, and allows us to eat high quality dishes for a very reasonable price


In our stalls you will find a wide range of products, cooked ready to be heated and can be eaten in in some cases, with a level and quality and at a very reasonable price such as canelones with bechamel, meatballs, Allioli, vegetable salad, and cordon bleu pork.

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