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Freezing food is a technique that is lost in the mists of time. The natural freezing has been used by many tribes in climatic zones of low temperatures taking advantage of especially the winter times.

Aware of this conservation technique, humans have been continuously researching the technology for freezing food products. The first patent for the manufacture of ice was not made until 1861 and the first shipment of meat. frozen in 1868 on a shipment of meat to London.

Although these systems were not developed commercially in 1899 the commercialization from Russia of frozen poultry from Russia was made official that was stored in a warehouse of London.

The first frozen fish companies were set up in Iceland in the 1930s. All this has led us to the freezing chains that gradually and quickly bring the products to their freezing state generally at 18 ° below zero.

This technique allows the freezing of fresh and cooked products and their maintenance for long periods of time without a substantial loss of quality and a minimal loss of vitamins.



The advance in the technique of maintenance of freezing and especially in the quality and level of temperature the domestic freezers, have allowed to turn to this product in big protagonist of our pantry.

In our market you will find all kinds of frozen vegetables, greens, fish, seafood, crustaceans, pre-cooked, meats, prepared meats, pastries, pastries, pastries, bakery, ice cream, pasta for preparations, sauces, condiments and ready-made dishes ready for eat only with a touch of microwave and especially the advantage of purchasing this type of product in bulk quantities that will allow you to adjust your purchase in a more limited way, which in turn will allow you to store the product easier, especially due to the limitation that we can find in some domestic freezers.

A large majority of these products are frozen and especially in the case of fish and seafood, as large companies have factory vessels that have a fishing fleet around that is providing the raw material to go freezing the product "on site". In other cases the crop fields are located around the freezing factories or very close to them to proceed with this process almost immediately after their harvest.

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