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The element that is undoubtedly the king of our gastronomy is pork and its by-products. Tthe gastronomy and tradition of this valued animal makes all of its parts usable and all of them have a specific product that in many cases is protected with the denomination of origin stamp that protects its formula and quality.

The different protected pig breeds, presided over by the Iberian pig, generate an infinite range of products derived from each one of them. Iberian hams in their different forms are undoubtedly a product that has taken our tradition to all the countries of the world and have a leading presence in our market stalls as well as the wide range of cured hams, of breeds of the country that make up a wide range of qualities and prices with certified products of designation of origin ge the following areas:


Iberian pork:


Guijuelo Protected Designation of Origin (Salamanca).

Protected Denomination of Origin Dehesa de Extremadura (Extremadura).

Protected Denomination of Origin Jabugo (Huelva).

Protected Designation of Origin Los Pedroches


White pork


Teruel Ham Protected Designation of Origin (Teruel).

Protected geographical indication


White pork


Protected Geographical Indication Jamón de Trévelez (Granada).

Protected Geographical Indication Jamón de Serón (Almería).

All this featuring a high-quality product, a product in almost all cases we have at the market, which guarantees top-of-the-line raw materials, of maximum proximity and, above all, freshness. In some cases, you can access the services offered by our bars and restaurants directly from the street and enjoy a meal on their large terraces with interesting views.

Cooked ham, chorizo “salchichones”, fuet , “sobrasada”, caña de lomo, the different typical sausages, cold cuts are undoubtedly the leaders of our daily gastronomy and are starting to be so in many countries of the world. At our stalls you will find all kinds of hams and sausages, from the different national areas as well as sausages of international tradition such as Italian mortadelas and cooked hams, our charcuterie tradition is so extensive that we would need a whole website to be able to develop all the products which, where appropriate, are represented and marketed in our market stalls, as well as all the pieces and cutting of pork for different culinary preparations and preparation needs


Along with all the products derived from pork, we offer you an inexhaustible catalog of national and European cheeses, for all types of tastes and palates.


Cheeses made from cow's milk, sheep's milk, mixed milk, goat's milk, buffalo milk make up a complete catalog of products made of this milk derivative, fresh cheeses, semi-cured cheeses, cured cheeses, cream cheeses, You will find everything you may need from this product in our market.


The almost 115 cheeses cataloged in Spain, dozens of cheeses from France, Holland, Germany, Italy, and the United Kingdom are represented in their different varieties in our specialist stops, Everything you are looking for and need in sausages, national cheeses, International cheeses, hams and pork in its different variants you will find in our market,

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