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Poultry, which are also part of the culinary base of our gastronomic culture, are present in Santa Caterina. All qualities and preparations in chicken, poulards, guinea fowl, duck, ... And in all kinds of cuts and preparations to present at your table some dishes of great gastronomic and dietary quality.


Your celebrations and festivities can be dominated by our free-range product, which will guarantee culinary success in grilled, baked, fried, battered, stewed, or in the preparation of broths and soups: free-range chickens, “picantons”, from the farm, broiler chickens, hen. And at special times of the year, the renowned capon, especially traditional at Christmas, with its specific aroma and tenderness.


At our stalls you will find, following the tradition of many Mediterranean countries that sometimes surprises other countries, a great variety of rabbits of autochthonous breeds and foreign breeds that make up a wide range of this rich product so consumed in Spain, as well as field rabbits , hare, and various birds and other game animals depending on the season.


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You can also choose from a wide variety of fresh chicken, duck, goose and quail eggs, of different varieties and qualities, under the control and regulation of the member states of the European Union.


Type 0 or organic production. They come from free-range hens that are housed in chicken coops, with the permanent possibility of going out into the open air where they can peck corn and other cereals, and which are also fed with organic feed. This form of production is controlled by the different regulatory administrations of organic poultry.


Type 1. They correspond to the so-called free-range hens, with living conditions equal to those of type zero, but that consume industrially prepared feed.

Type 2. Hens raised on the ground. They have freedom of movement but are in a closed area with no access to the outside. They can interact with each other in a larger space and have nests.

Type 3. Hens raised in cage. It is the most common method, and allows the collection of eggs in a more efficient and hygienic way. They are fully feed-fed hens, and live in cages with tight spaces. Of all the productions, this is the most economical type of egg.




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