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The Mediterranean character, the way of life and the climate make and hospitality represented by bars and restaurants, part of the daily life of our fellow citizens

The culture of eating accompanied by the Mediterranean diet, make this fundamental element for our life and health become an element of entertainment as well as a necessity. In our city we will find a significant number  of establishments that offer different food options with an abundant range of offerings and of course in our market, all of this is represented by the three catering establishments that offer an innumerable offer of food, whether they are tapas, allioli potatoes, ensaladilla rusa , “pinchos”, mixed dishes, complete menus, a la carte food etc. That they can star in your breakfast, lunch or dinner with such an important spectrum of dishes that cover any taste and need.

All this featuring a high-quality product, a product in almost all cases in the market, which guarantees top-of-the-line raw materials, of maximum proximity and, above all, freshness. In some cases, you can access the services offered by our bars and restaurants directly from the street and enjoy a meal on their large  terraces with instering views.

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Dinner times are limited in some cases to market opeing hours, but undoubtedly the trends often pushed by our visitors to use earlier hours will allow you to enjoy our cuisine at the last meal of the day.



Within the diversity of the offer that our market offers, you can find a wide assortment of freshly baked breads, pastries, rolls, with a wide range of breads, especially from the traditional baguette, through payes breads, multi-grain breads , wholemeal bread, sliced bread, rolls, rolls and the delicious freshly made croissants, normal, butter, filled with chocolate, that both for your breakfast or for a snack, will surely satisfy the most demanding palate, your breakfast in our bakery or in our values will become a delicious experience in the middle of your walk or your purchase in our market.

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Municipal Markets

Come to the municipal markets of Barcelona and learn about the history, operation, new projects and all the news of these commercial facilities. The Barcelona model is undergoing an important process of modernization and remodeling of the more competitive markets, with modern facilities and the services requested by the public.

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