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One of the elements that are an essential  part of Mediterranean gastronomy and that has an ancestral presence in our kitchens are salted fish, pickles and olives.

Represented in our market available at various stalls.

The tradition of salting in our markets and our kitchens goes back to the time when this type of food preservation spread throughout the Mediterranean.

During the Roman occupation, large factories were established in cities in the southern Murcian area of the Mediterranean and in Cádiz, the salt that was part of the payment given to Roman soldiers (hence the name of salary) was the essential element for conservation of fish that were conserved in clay amphoras with special prominence of the sardine, anchovy, mackerel, bonito and tuna.

In later centuries, Basque fishermen crossed the Atlantic Ocean, traveling to the mouth of the Saint Lawrence River, on the current border of the United States and Canada, where in its gulf, they fished the now, much-valued,  cod. According to the conservation systems of the Nordic countries, they were dried with salt in the open air, which allowed their conservation and transport to Europe, where the different culinary traditions cooked it according to each culture



This preservation system allowed its trade in inland areas for later consumption once it was hydrated again.

The salt preservation system had already been extended to include sturgeon, moray eel, turbot, sea bream, conger eel, mullet, red mullet or mackerel.

Religious traditions, which prohibit the consumption of meat at certain times, made this product the main item of the tables, especially in inland areas.

In our stores you can buy the most select cod in all its most gastronomic parts, salted sardines, herring, fish preserved in oil such as tuna, anchovies that are so prominent at our tables, salted anchovies and a number of products that we put at your disposal.

You also have at your disposal a wide assortment of seaweed for cooking

Olives, such a Mediterranean product together with the tradition of pickles and preserved vegetables, are another of the protagonists of our stalls.

Manzanilla, Gordal, Aloreña, cuquillo, Campo Real, Hojiblanca, Sevillana, Arbequina, empeltre, or the international Kalamata Castelvetrano, Gaeta, Niçoise, Alfonso, Mission are some of the varieties that you can find in our stores,

Gherkins, Almagro aubergine, carrots, onions, capers, garlic capers, chillies, cauliflower, onions, bell pepper, piquillo peppers, dried tomato, ñoras, chorice or peppers are also part of the products that you can find in our specialized stops together with vinegars of all kinds, qualities and varieties

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