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As with other products, meat is an essential focus of our dishes. That is why in Santa Caterina we offer a wide assortment of quality, endorsed by Protected Geographical Indications, which guarantees aging in accordance with the standards set by the different administrations, and which involves a high quality product with sanitary guarantees.

At our stalls you can also find meats from breeding and slaughter cataloged for animal welfare, a trend that is becoming more and more present, changing the old styles that are increasingly being left behind and that the different administrations regulate, both to avoid abuse and to guarantee products of high gastronomic quality and, as far as possible, proximity. You will find in our stalls meats with marks, that guarantee these characteristics and that guarantee the level of the meats that we offer to our clients.

You can choose at our different stalls  the type of meat you want to make your traditional dishes based on veal, beef, ox, yearling, lamb of different designations of origin, kid, and the nutritious and healthy horse meat, in addition to other national and international origin that are taking root in our gastronomy.


You can choose from a wide selection of veal from Girona, Galicia, Ávila, Asturiana, Waygu, Kobe or Nebraska, ox from Galicia, lamb from La Mancha, lamb from Aragon, lamb from Castilla, kid from Almería.  You can also buy homemade products, such as meatballs for cooking, ...

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